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Welcome to Flight Planning Online. Flight Planning Online provides an online application for UK pilots to file Air Movement Messages over the AFTN. The application, AFPEx, allows registered users the ability to send and receive AFTN messages from their desktop PC.

NATS AFPEx Training

AFPEx is designed for the filing of Flight Plans and related messaging, via the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN), directly from your desktop or laptop computer. Approved users who are registered and operating within the UK, will be given a unique Login, password, and an AFTN address.

NATS AFPEx Training

Ensure your system is fully up-to-date as AFPEx is known to be compatible with an up-to-date macOS installation. AFPEx Doesn’t open when clicking Login. When using Safari, sometimes AFPEx doesn’t load when clicking on the Login button. This problem is due to the Security features in Safari. To fix this issue:

Logging on to AFPEx – NATS AFPEx Training

Logging on to AFPEx. To load AFPEx, either click the ‘Login to AFPEx’ button above and click Login on the following page or visit and click Login.. Once the applet has loaded, enter the Username supplied to you in your joining letter.

Using AFPEx – NATS AFPEx Training

Once you have installed Java, you will then be able to access the system by clicking on the ‘Login to AFPEx’ link above. For more information on using AFPEx, please take a look at the links to the left. About AFPEx. AFPEx uses the Java environment to function which allows the application to run across multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Apple …


Applying for an AFPEx account. Application for an AFPEx account is open to GA Pilots and Airline Operators based in the United Kingdom. To apply, click on the AFPEx Application form on the link below.