EADMS Login – Welcome to IO Education Login on EADMS Student Portal

Education is a basic necessity for every person. The importance of education cannot be underestimated. Everyone has the right to get the proper education for their life. No doubt, they always try to find the best provider to provide a high quality of education. If you search for the proper education provider, why don’t you take the program from IO Education? It has EADMS login page for the student. When you sign up at IO Education, you should have EAMDS student account. This way, you will be able to enter EADMS student login portal.

If you want to know more about IO education and Educator’s Assessment Data Management System or EADMS, you can explore it in this article. We provide a brief explanation about EADMS Login. This way, you can learn how to sign into EADMS student portal, reset your password, and contact the Support Center. Happy Reading.

eadms login portal
eadms login portal

IO Education Profile

IO Education is a company that focuses on providing educational technology services. This company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. IO Education provides the solution not only for the school but also the educators. In the beginning, IO Education started Longleaf Solutions in 1997. Then, it changed its name into IO Education in 2016. It merged with EADMS or Educator’s Assessment Data Management System and become the part of Illuminate Education.

Nowadays, IO Education has several branch offices in several cities. For instance, you can find its office in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California. It also has more than 8000 school administrators who use IO Education service. There are more than 150.000 educators as well as 6.000.000 students who use IO Education products.

About EADMS Login Portal

EADMS portal is an online platform in which the students of IO Education can reach their account to run the educational purpose. If you are the users of IO Education product, you just need to sign into EADMS login portal. We have stated before than IO Education has merged with EADMS. That is why you can access IO Education Login at EADMS portal at eadms.com.

EADMS stands for Educator’s Assessment Data Management System. It provides the software for K-12 Assessment and Educational data management. But, you cannot sign up an account by yourself. You have to ask the school administrator to create an account for you. if the registration process is successful, you will be given EADMS login credentials including the username and password.

By accessing IO Education portal or EADMS portal, you will be able to explore IO Online testing, schedule, assessment, program details, and price list. Besides, this portal has been integrated into an online testing site and assessment portal. Check out the explanation below.

  • Online testing site.

You may wonder what EADMS testing is. EADMS Testing is an assessment system that allows the students to complete the online test or examination from their teacher. But, the student cannot use this testing portal at their home. This online testing page only can be reached by using the IP address which is recognized by EADMS. Besides, the student can access the test by using the password given by their teacher. This password is valid within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the students have to ask for the new password to access eadms.com student online testing page.

  • Assessment page.

In order to improve the quality of the student’s learning process, educators need to assess the students’ performance. This way, the teachers can use the assessment portal at IO Education. The students and parents can access this portal from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. The parents have to create an account on this portal if they want to find the information about their children’s learning progress.

How to Log into EADMS Student Portal

When your registration process at EADMS portal is successful, you will get the username and password to access your account. this login process is very simple. It does not take much of your time. Just follow the step by step below to access EADMS student login portal.

  • Visit EADMS official portal.

First of all, you need to reach EAMDS student portal which is available at www.eadms.comwww.eadms.com. Just focus on the login field provided on this page. This way, you will be able to access IO Education EADMS student account.

  • Enter EADMS username.

Provide a valid username as the student account credential. Make sure that you type it correctly.

  • Enter your password.

After that, you can provide the password. If you forget your password, you can reset it by using the link provided under the login section.

  • Tick remember me.

If you want IO Education Portal saves your login credentials, you can tick this box.So, whenever you want to reach your account, you do not need to enter the username and password. If you use this feature, you must be sure that the device you use is safe. You should not use this feature when you use the public computer. It is because others may attemps to reach your account.

  • Press the Log Me In button.

After checking the username and password you enter, you can click on Log me In button. This way, the portal will load your account page. If the login credentials you enter are correct, you will be able to reach and explore your account at EADMS login portal.

How to Reset EADMS Student Account Password

In case you lose your password and you can not log into EAMDS student portal, you have to fix this problem soon. You can recover this password by yourself. Just do the following procedure to reset your password. This way, you do not need to contact the school administrator to get your password back. This process does not take a long time. Just pay attention to the step by step below.

  • Visit EADMS student portal.

First of all, you have to access EADMS student portal. Use your browser to reach www.eadms.com. it is the same portal where you can log into your EADMS student account.

  • Click on Forgot Password.

In order to reach EADMS password recovery page, you ahve to click on the link entitled Forgot password.

  • Enter your email address.

EADMS requires your email address to verify your account. As you know, EADMS password is confidential. So, you can reset it through the link sent to your email. After providing the email address, you will get a notification to check your email.

  • Check your inbox.

Now, you need to check your email. Do you receive an email from EADMS? This email contains a link to reset your password. This link will bring you to the password recovery page. Then, you just need to follow the instructions given.

  • Create a new EADMS password.

In the last step, you are required to set up a new password. Make sure that you create a strong password by using the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. This way, no one can hack your password.

io education assessment portal
io education assessment portal

How to Register Student Assessment Portal at IO Education

As stated before, IO Education provides the Student Assessment Portal. If you want to use this portal, you have to register a new account first. Here is the step by step to sign up at IO Education Student Assessment Portal.

  • Visit IO Education Assessment portal.

You can reach this assessment portal at portal.assessment.ioeducation.com. Besides, you also can reach this page from EADMS login portal. You can find the button that can direct you to IO Education Student portal.

  • Click on the button Need to Register?

Since you do not have IO Education account, you have to register first. Just click on the button entitled Need to Register? This registration button lets you select the type of account. You can register as a student or parent.

  • Provide the personal information.

In this section, you need to write down your personal details. If you sign up as a student, you need to enter your Student ID, registration key, date of birth, and email address. Also, you need to set up a username and password to access your account.

  • Press the Login button.

After providing all details required, you can click on the Login account. This is the end of IO Education Assessment portal registration.

How to Log into IO Education Assessment Portal?

When your registration process can run well, you can try to log into your account. In order to reach your account at IO Education Assessment portal, you need a username and password that you create during the registration process. For the detailed login steps, you can see the instruction below.

  • Visit IO Education Assessment portal.

To reach this portal, you can use the web address below: portal.assessment.ioeducation.com. This portal offers two ways to sign in to your account. The first method is to sign in using the username and password. Besides, you also can reach your account by using Google account.

  • Enter your username.

Do you still remember the username that you create at IO Education registration? Just enter your username on the provided field.

  • Enter the password.

In this section, you need to type the password that you set up during the registration process. If you cannot remember your password, you can use Reset password link to create a new password.

  • Press the Sign In button.

If you want this portal to save your login credentials, you can tick Remember Me option. Then, you can click on the Sign In button. If your IO Education login details are valid, you will be able to reach your assessment portal account.

How to Sign into IO Education via Google?

The users of IO Education portal is also allowed to access their account via Google. If you have Google account, you can do the following steps to sign into IO Education Assessment Portal.

  • Visit IO Education portal.

First of all, you need to reach IO Education website at portal.assessment.ioeducation.com. On the homepage, you will see the login field with username and password. Also, there will be a Google option under the login section.

  • Click on Google.

If you want to access your account by using Google, you should ignore the login field. Just click on Google button. Once you click on this button, you will be directed into Google login page.

  • Provide your email address.

You should enter your Google email address on the section provided. Make sure that your Google account is still active.

  • Enter your password.

Enter the password of your email address. Make sure that you type this password correctly.

  • Press the Next button.

The last login step is pressing the Next button. Now you can explore your account and use all features at IO Education portal.

How to Contact EADMS Support Center

In case you face any problem when you access EADMS or IO Education portal, you have to contact the Support Center soon. This way, EADMS Support Center team can help you to overcome your problem. Here are some possible ways to reach EADMS Help Desk.

  • By phone.

If you want to get the instant response from EADMS, you can contact them by phone. Here is the phone number of EAMDS Support Centre: 1 866 817 0726. Make sure to contact them during business hours. This way, you can talk to the representative staff directly.

  • Email

The email you can reach IO Education Support Center is [email protected] You may send your email to the address if you need to let the support center know about your problems in detail. Sending an email can be a good option when you do not have time to talk a lot to the IO Education Support Center representatives staff.

  • Mail

You are also allowed to contact IO Education by mail. Just send your inquiry to the following address.

  1. Main Office

3280 Peachtree Road NE, 6th Floor

Atlanta, Georgia, 30305

  1. Additional office
  • 25 Broadway, 9th Floor

New York, New York, 10004

  • 213 7th Avenue North East

Charlottesville, Virginia, 22902

  • 200 Knickerbocker Ave

Bohemia, New York, 11716

  • 25032 Las Brisas Road, Suite D

Murrieta, California, 92562