Marshalls Feedback – Take Marshalls Survey for $500 Marshalls Gift Card

Do you like shopping online? If you like shopping online, then you need to try an online survey. Are you a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico? If this is true, of course, you know the popular online shopping site, Marshalls. Here you can shop for various daily necessities. This site is connected to other online stores. Do you want to buy furniture or clothing?

Then you can get all these items here. So you don’t need to go to the store to buy the items you want. So, you do not need to hesitate about the quality of their items. Well, you can check it in the nearest store. Do you want to get a reward? You can get that benefit by accessing Marshalls Feedback.

Marshallsfeedback is an online survey portal for the customers of Marshalls stores. Here, you may write down your expectations and criticisms as a store consumer. But, you need to make a transaction first. If you can shop online, online surveys are not a difficult problem. Your ability can facilitate the online survey process.

Amazingly, they have Marshalls Rewards for customers. Are you curious about the gifts that you can achieve? Well, they have a Gift Card worth 500 Dollars. You can use this gift to shop at the nearest store. Isn’t this offer interesting for you to follow? If you want more information, here we will help survey and entry sweepstakes.

marshalls feedback survey
marshalls feedback survey page

What do you know about Marshalls Store?

Before you enter the draw, read their profile first. This information can help you find out the products they sell. If you want to visit Marshalls Locations, then you can learn this first. So you can imagine the condition and situation of the store. We will discuss the following products related to Marshalls.

So Marshalls is a chain of Department Stores popular in the United States. This business established a headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts. Who started this department store business? Alfred Marshall is the figure behind the success of Marshalls Department Store. But, he developed this shop with two friends. They are Bernard Goldston and Norman Barren.

Year after year this department store still survives until now. Then they were able to manage 1000 shops. Their stores are spread in Puerto Rico and 42 states. Whereas 61 locations are in Canada. What are they selling? Well, this shop is quite complete for you to visit. They sell clothes, furniture, and other household needs. There are several popular stores that have websites related to Marshalls Store.

  1. Tj Maxx Department Store.

They sell clothing products for you. The founder of this business is called Zayre. They started the business in 1977.

  1. Home Goods Store.

They have various items for your home needs. You can buy furniture or goods for interior design purposes. You can download the HomeGoods app to find out their products and rewards.

  1. Homesense Store.

They are still one-stop shop with Homegoods. They sell furniture, lighting, art galleries etc. So, you can make your home beautiful by visiting Homesense.

  1. Sierra Store.

This shop sells various clothing for women, men, and children. Then they sell the needs for your home and pet. Furthermore, you can complete your traveling needs through this shop.

Well, you already know some information about Marshalls. Now it’s time for you to know the Marshallsfeedback Survey rules. Furthermore, you can win rewards and Marshalls Coupons.

Regulations for Conducting Marshalls Survey.

This portal can help customers express their criticism. You can write opinions through the Marshalls Feedback Survey. Now, you can use this portal to get rewards from them. Because online surveys are one of two ways to enter sweepstakes. Well, before conducting this survey you need to understand your rights and obligations.

Here you can read the rules of the survey and sweepstakes through the same portal. Visit the Sweepstakes rules link on the Marshalls Survey portal. Visit the portal to read survey and sweepstakes regulations.

  1. You don’t need to buy goods to win these sweepstakes. However, you need to make a transaction to get proof of purchase of goods. There you can see the survey number to enter the question page.
  2. Eligibility of survey participants and sweepstakes programs.
  • The sweepstakes and survey program is open to residents of the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for this survey.
  • Employees who work in department stores are prohibited from taking part in the sweepstakes program. Then this rule applies to those who live in one house with employees.
  • business partners and sponsors may not take surveys and sweepstakes.
  1. Survey and Sweepstakes Entry Period.

Before you enter the draw, you should read the survey period. Here you need to do the process in the 12 available periods. You can join this program from 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2020.

  1. Ways to Enter Sweepstakes.
  • You can take an online survey at the portal There you can give a rating for customer satisfaction.
  • Send your sweepstakes through the post office. Here you need to prepare some entry sweepstakes. First, you need a postcard. Second, you need an envelope. Third, you need stationery.
  • They limit your participation. You can enter one sweepstake per household for one month.
  1. Rewards that you can get.

They have 12 monthly prizes. Each prize has a value of 500 Dollars. You can receive the gift in the form of a gift card. So you can’t exchange it for cash. They will contact you by email or telephone if you win. Then you need to confirm your victory to the sponsor.

  1. Survey and Sweepstakes Entry Preparation.

Before you enter Marshalls Feedback, you need to make preparations. If you often surf the site online, then you know what you need. Here you need to have several survey tools to reach their portal. Your survey process will be smooth if your preparation is correct. The following are some of the requirements for survey and entry sweepstakes.

  • Visit their store and make a transaction.

Well, you need proof of purchase of goods from the store. They sent survey invitations through the survey number in the receipt. So, if you have just visited there, check your receipt. Make sure you find the survey number to enter the survey portal.

  • Survey Tool.

If you want to submit a Marshalls Complaint you can take a survey. You need another computer or device to access this portal. So, you can enter the web address on your device’s search engine.

  • Stable Internet Network.

Furthermore, your device needs internet service to reach online sites. Here your internet service needs a stable signal. So you can answer survey questions comfortably and quickly.

marshalls feedback
marshalls feedback survey steps

How to Complete Marshalls Feedback Survey.

Have you finished with the rules and preparation for the survey? If you are done with both, then you can start the survey process. Here you need to enter your judgment and opinion on their service. You can remember your feelings when shopping at their store. Do you have problems with employees and products in the store?

Well, you can express your criticism through the survey process. Here is an easy way to complete the survey and register the sweepstakes.

  1. Visit the site

Enter the address on the search engine. Then click on the enter button to begin the site search process. Next, you will immediately land in Marshalls’s survey portal.

  1. Choose the language of instruction in the Survey Portal.

Well, the survey portal automatically has an English language setting. But you can change the language of English into Spanish. You only need to click on the Espanol button to change the language on the survey portal.

  1. Enter the Survey Number.

Then, you can see the proof of purchase of goods from Marshalls. Because on this page you need to enter Survey Number. This credential is on your receipt sheet. Look at the sample transaction proof on the right side of the survey number column. They give a red line for your survey number.

  1. Enter your Date and Time of Visit.

This information is in the proof of your transaction at the store. When you are finished with this page, click on the start button.

  1. Answer the Survey Question.

Next, you will land on the survey question page. Here you can choose answers to multiple choice questions. Or you can write an opinion in the available comments column. Here we will provide an overview of survey questions for you.

  • Answer the question of your overall satisfaction. Here you can give a rating of 5 levels of satisfaction.
  • You can give satisfaction to the service in the store. You can assess their dressing room. Then you can assess employee friendliness.
  • You can give a rating for speed, and the convenience of shopping there. Then you can assess the cleanliness and comfort of shopping.
  • Rate your satisfaction with product prices.
  • Whatever you buy at department stores. You can see a list of receipts.
  • Do you want to recommend this place?
  • Write your comment with a limit of 1200 characters.
  • How often do you visit them?
  • The number of transactions in your receipt.
  1. Answer the Final Questions on the survey portal. Here you need to confirm your age.
  2. Enter your sweepstakes now.

After the final question, they will ask you to take part in the draw. If you want to enter the sweepstakes, click on the yes button. Next, you need to fill out a form for your sweepstakes requirements. You need to write your name, email, and telephone.

  1. Congratulations, now you have entered the sweepstakes. Then you only need to wait for your luck.
How to Find Marshalls Near Me.

Before you shop, you can explore their website. There you can find out about the online shopping system and rewards program. Then you can search for Marshalls locations through the website. You can use Marshalls Store Locator to find the nearest location. Here’s how to find out the closest location.

  1. Visit the site

Enter the address on the search engine. Then click on the enter button to begin the site search process. Next, you will immediately land on Marshalls’s website.

  1. Click on the “Find A Store” link.

Then you will land on the location search page. There you can see a map of the United States.

  1. Enter the Zip Code, Name of City or Your Country.

If you want the system to find the closest location, enter your area code. Next, they will show some of the closest shops.

  1. Record the information you need.

Furthermore, the store locator will provide search results for the nearest store. There you can access their local store address and telephone number. Then you can access Marshalls Hours. Furthermore, click on the get directions button to get directions to the store.

How to Contact Marshalls Customer Service.

Previously we discussed the Marshalls satisfaction survey portal. However, employees and their families may not take surveys and sweepstakes programs. Well, you don’t need to worry. Because there are still other ways to comment and make a profit. So, Marshalls employees can get Marshalls Employee Discount. If you shop there, you can get discounts from 10% – 20%. Then if you are not eligible to conduct a survey, you can still enter your feedback.

  1. Marshalls Customer Service Number. The first way is to use the telephone to contact their staff. 1 888 627 7425. They are active from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.
  2. Marshalls Mailing Address.

The TJX Companies, Inc.

770 Cochituate Road

Framingham, Massachusetts, 01701

The United States

  1. Marshalls Social Media.

Then you can get new information through their social media. Follow their social media to get notifications.

  1. Facebook: @Marshalls.
  2. Instagram: @marshalls.
  3. Twitter: @marshalls.
  4. Pinterest: Marshalls.
  5. Marshalls Official Website.

If you use this method, then you need to visit the contact us menu. The following is the Marshalls website address.