Njmcdirect – Simple Guideline for Njmc Direct Pay Ticket and Check NJMC Hours

Receiving the ticket for your traffic violation is such an annoying thing. As the example, you may ever get the parking summons since you park your car in the forbidden place. Then, you have to deal with this ticket. Where do you usually pay for this ticket?

Do you like wasting your time to pay for your violation at the city hall? If you live in New Jersey, you should be happy. It is because New Jersey Meadowlands Commission provides the online portal to handle this issue. Using NJMCDirect to pay the ticket online is easier than you pay in person. This way, you can save much of your time. You do not need to queue at the Court House.

With the increase of the technology, NJMC tries to give the best solution for anyone who wants to pay their fine. Through NJMC Direct Portal, the process of ticket payment can run easier. If you get fined, you just need to access www.njmcdirect.com.

This state website enables you to solve your ticket payment issue in a short time. Besides, you can pay for the tickets whenever and wherever you are. You do not need to go to the court or bank to process your payment. Just stay in front of your mobile device, and you can complete the payment. Paying the ticket is as easy as doing the online shopping. Everything you can do with the tip of your fingers.


NJMC direct Pay Ticket Portal is a convenient way to view the information about the traffic ticket. Besides, paying for the traffic violation through NJMC Direct is also secure. To access the ticket payment portal, you should prepare some items.

For instance, make sure that your traffic ticket is ready. Then, you need either Visa or MasterCard. When these items are ready, you can start your payment process. But, you must notice that you need to pay the convenience fee for using this online service.

What Should You Prepare Before Accessing NJMC Direct Portal?

If you are getting confused with your traffic violation payment, visiting this site is the great decision. Through this article, we provide any information related to the ticket payment. Just keep reading our article to find the best way to pay for your traffic ticket. You have to keep in mind that you should pay for the charge on time. Never postpone paying the fine.  In every traffic ticket, you will find the date when you must pay for the traffic ticket.

If you do not pay on time, you will get another warning from the court. Remember, the court can add this warning to your driving record. Then, the court law may consider it as the serious crime. As a result, your driving record may be full with the law violations. The next, the court can cancel your driving license. It means you are not authorized for driving anymore. To avoid this problem, you have to pay for it as soon as possible.

If you are a busy person, paying for the ticket in person is not a good option. You may need the fast and convenient way for the traffic violation payment. Luckily, you can try the payment service at this payment portal. The process of online ticket payment on this site is simple. But, there is some preparation you have to do before processing it. Make sure that the following details are ready.

  • The parking ticket or traffic ticket.

When you did the traffic violation, you will get the traffic ticket from the officers. This ticket will contain some information. For instance, it contains the Court ID and the Ticket Number. Besides, this ticket also explains the detail of your violation.

Never lose this ticket. It is because you will be hard to pay without this ticket. When you get the difficulty in searching this information, you can see the full ticket sample on the web. Just click on Full Ticket Samples link at the bottom of the page.

  • License Plate Number.

See your driving license to find out this license plate number. Lic Plate No is usually found under the vehicle information.

  • Credit card or Debit card.

To process the payment, you need either credit card or debit card. You can make a payment with MasterCard and VISA cards.

NJMC Hours

When these items are ready, you can access N J M C Direct. However, this website provides the particular time to process the payment. So, the payment service is not available in 24 hours. This portal limits the time of the payment. The NJMC Direct Pay Ticket service is accessible on these following online payment hours.

  • From Monday to Thursday: the service is available from 7.30 am up to 11.45 pm.
  • On Friday: you can process the payment during 7.30 am up to 10.45 pm.
  • On Saturday: the payment process is ready from 7.30 am up to 3.45 pm.
  • At Sunday: You can pay for the traffic ticket from 1 pm up to 11.45 pm.

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You should always remember this payment schedule. This way, you can complete the payment process easier. Make sure you pay the fine before the due date. Then, you will not get the additional warning from the court. The next, you can drive without any worries. It is because you do not lose your driving license.

How to Pay for the Ticket at NJMC Direct Pay Ticket?

We know that accessing this Pay Ticket portal is the most efficient way to solve your traffic violation issue. But, you can only use this online payment to pay for the certain ticket. It means, your traffic tickets must have some criteria. First, the traffic ticket you have should be in the Time Payment Order.

Besides, The paid ticket should have no the warrant issued. The last, the violation type you did must be the payable violation. If your ticket meets the criteria mentioned above, it means you can pay it online.

You should remember that the charge payment will affect your driving record as the driver. So, you have to finish the payment process soon. Have you known the steps to pay for the violation charge? Go through the explanation below. You will get the clear idea how to pay for your traffic ticket at this Direct Pay Portal.

  • Visit the Official Site.

NJMC Direct official website is accessible at www.njmcdirect.com. When you enter that site, your browser may direct you into portal.njcourts.gov. In this site, you will find the motto of this court at the top left corner. The slogan is independence, integrity, fairness, and quality service.

At the left side of the screen, you can find the schedule of the payment. Besides, the main section of this web page displays the form to search the traffic ticket or the Time Payment Order.

  • Enter the Court ID.

In order to view as well as pay for your ticket, you need to enter some details. First, you should input the Court ID. The Court ID usually consists of four digits in length. Try to find this serial number at your traffic ticket.

  • Enter Ticket Prefix and Ticket Number.

The next, enter your Ticket Prefix code. The code consists of three characters. After that, input your ticket number. You can find these numbers in the top section of your ticket.

  • Enter the License Plate Number.

The last detail you have to enter is the License Plate Number. This item is also available in your NJ traffic ticket. If you find some difficulties in searching this information, you have to contact the Municipal Court which issued your ticket. The officer will give you the further information related to the ticket payment.

  • Click on Continue.

After entering the traffic ticket details, you can press Continue button. Then, you can do two actions. First, you can only view your ticket without making the payment. Besides, you also can proceed the ticket payment.

  • Use your VISA or MasterCard cards.

In order to make the online ticket payment, you should use either MasterCard or Visa card. Follow the prompts on NJMC Direct pay portal to process your payment.

When you have paid your ticket, you can see the details of the payment at this portal. This website will display this payment information in 90 days. In case you cannot find your traffic ticket, you should contact the court soon. This way, you can ask the ticket information. To solve your issue, the court will help you to check the traffic ticket at their computerized record. Then, they will inform you about the details.

What are the Benefits of Accessing NJMC-Direct Pay Portal?

Many people prefer accessing NJMC Direct since it is the effective way to make the ticket payment. Paying for the traffic charge online is more convenient than paying in person. Besides, there are other reasons why the people pay their tickets through this website. These reasons also become the benefits of visiting the page.

  • Fast.

You only need a few minutes to complete the payment process. In contrast, you may need a couple of hours when you pay the tickets in the municipal court. The website is easy to navigate. Besides, it also displays the ticket sample. This way, you can be easy to find the details required to view and pay your ticket. For instance, you can find out where the location of the ticket number, court ID as well as the license plate number. The instruction of NJMC Direct is also simple. This way, all visitors will understand what it means.

  • Secure.

NJMC Direct is a secure website. This portal uses the security technology. It is because New Jersey Court really cares about the personal data security of every user. This way, you should not worry to enter the details about the traffic violation. Besides, it will also secure your payment information. Noone will be able to access your details except the authorized employees from New Jersey Court.

  • Convenient.

Before NJMC Direct pay portal exists, the people pay their ticket in person. They have to go the courthouse. Then, they have to pay the traffic fine in the court. Usually, they also can pay it by check. Besides, some people may pay the fine by mailing it. These activities need much effort. In contrast, paying for the Traffic charge through this payment traffic violation portal is more convenient. You can even pay it from your home or office. But, to make a payment, you should have any Visa or Mastercard. But, remember, the fine you pay is exclude the convenience fee. The fee is so cheap. It is between $1 up to $4. So, compared to the conventional payment, online payment is still cheaper.

With the reasons mentioned above, no doubt many people use NJMC Direct as the media to pay the fine. They not only can pay the ticket quickly. But, they also can have the secure place to make the ticket payment.

How to Give the Feedback about the Service?

As the user of this online payment portal, you may have some opinions about this website. Luckily, NJMC Direct welcomes your comments regarding their service. This way, you can submit the comments about New Jersey Traffic Information System.

But, you only can use this NJMC feedback form to submit your thought when you use their service. Unfortunately, you cannot send any questions about your ticket. NJMC will not answer any questions related to the traffic ticket. If you need ticket information, you have to reach the municipal court. Through this feedback form, you can ask for the response from NJMC. See the steps of completing NJMC feedback form.

  • Visit the official portal of NJMC Direct.

NJMC only provides one method of sharing feedback. NJMC does not display the phone number. So, to tell your NJMC feedback, you have to visit their website at NJMC-Direct Page or https://portal.njcourts.gov. Through this site, you can pay your fine as well as give your online feedback.

  • Select Feedback menu.

Focus on the top menu bar at NJMC Direct website. You will find Feedback option at the top right corner of the page. Once you click on Feedback, the site will show the form which you have to fill out. This NJMC online feedback form requires your personal information.

  • Enter your name and email.

To complete this form, the first thing you should do is entering your name. Then, you can write down your email address in the following field. In fact, NJMC allows you to submit this feedback candidly. It means you can skip the name and email field. But, if you expect the response to your feedback, you must complete all the fields.

  • Select the reason.

NJMC provides some options about the reason for writing this feedback. So, you just need to pick one of them. The reasons are as the following. First, you may write the feedback about the general question. Then, your reason is the encryption error. Besides, you may have other reasons such as site accessibility and availability. The last, you can select the great site or additional feature.

  • Write the Ticket status or comment.

Then, you can explain your feedback in the space provided. Your feedback should be in line with the reason you have chosen. For instance, if you have selected site accessibility, you have to explain about how difficult to reach this website. Perhaps, you can give some suggestions to NJMC how to increase the accessibility and the availability of the online portal. This way, the users will be able to access NJMC Direct easily.

  • Enter Captcha Text.

To verify your feedback, you have to write down the captcha code to the provided space. This captcha code consists of some letters and numbers. The purpose of this code is to verify that you are the real human. Besides, NJMC uses this captcha to avoid spams. Furthermore, this captcha is also available in sound. So, if you cannot see the code well, you can click on Play Sound button. Then, the site will spend the code for you.

  • Click on Continue.

After completing this form, you can submit it by pressing continue button. But, if you want to edit it, you can click on Reset button.

Those are the simple steps of submitting the feedback about NJMC service. Be sure, NJMC will listen to every feedback provided by the users. Besides, if you fill out the email address form, NJMC will send you the response. But, you may not receive the response immediately. So, you have to wait for the email from NJMC.

How to Plead Guilty When You Get NJMC Pay Online Ticket Summons?

  • Go to the New Jersey Municipal Court.
  • Attend the court to plead guilty.
  • Pay the fine in person.
  • Accumulate the driving record points.
  • Enroll NJ Driving Course to reduce the points

Risks of pleading guilty

  • Accumulating the MVC or the driving record points.

Since you broke the traffic law, you will get some points depends on the type of traffic violation. You can check your NJ Driving record online at MVC website.

  • Getting the risk of License Suspension.

The court may suspend your driver’s license and if you get 12 points in a year, you will get the license suspended. You should avoid violation and register the driving course held by MVC to offset your points.

  • Getting the higher insurance rate.

Try to get the insurance discount if you attend the driving course.

  • Paying other charges.

Paying the NJ traffic ticket fine is not enough as you have to pay extra cost relating to the violation you have done. Visit NJSurcharge official site to check it.

How to Plead Not Guilty When You Receive NJMC Direct Summons?

  • Contest your traffic ticket at the court during the hearing.
  • Represent yourself in the court or hire a lawyer.
  • Prove that you are not guilty.
  • Get no penalty or fine.
  • Appeal a guilty verdict.

What are New Jersey Driving Records?

  • Viewing the driving record points.
  • Verifying your personal information.
  • Verifying the driving license.
  • Screening the employee information when you check your background.
  • Verifying the insurance claims.
  • Adjusting the policy rates.

Types of New Jersey Driving Record

  • Non-certified driving record.

This record is only for the personal use and the court or insurance companies will not accept it.

  • Certified five-year driving record.

You can check the background of the job applicant through this driving record.

  • The complete certified driving record.

You can check the accident, traffic violation, driving record points, surcharge payment history, NJMC Direct Pay Ticket summons, driving record points, etc.

How to Request New Jersey DMV Driving Record?

Here is the guide to request for your driving record from NJ DMV:

  • Online.

Visit the official site of NJ MVC or NJ DMV and create MVC account and create MVC user ID. The website is www.state.nj.us/mvc and you need to click on Request for Your Driver History Record. Enter the required details like MVC user ID, NJ driver license number, and last four digits of SSN.

Choose the driving record type and pay $15 as the fee of the reques using a debit or credit card. Be careful when you choose the type of driving record whether you want to view or download it.

  • By mail.

You should have an application for Driver History Abstract with a permitted number and money order or check for NJMVC that is $15. Send to NJ MVC, Abstract unit, 225 East State Street, PO Box 142, Trenton, NJ 08666 0142.

How to Pay Parking Violation Surcharge at NJMCDirect Pay Ticket?

  • By online at NJMC Portal.
  • By mailing it to Municipal Court.
  • Paying in person to the court.
  • Paying by mail.

How Much is the Surcharge You Should Pay in NJMCDirect and NJSurcharge.com?

  • Your driving license may expire: $100.
  • Your get suspended driving license: $250.
  • When you operate the uninsured vehicle: $250.
  • If you drive when you are intoxicated: $1000.
  • Take the blood alcohol test: $1000.

How to pay the Traffic Surcharge?

  1. Go to njsurcharge.com.

Visit NJ Surcharge website of New Jersey Surcharge Violation System.

  1. Enter the required number.

Enter the driver license number, judgment number, surcharge number, notice number, or Installment Payment Plan number.

  1. Enter the date of birth.

After that, you need to provide the date when you were born as well.

  1. Press Submit button.

You can know the total surcharge you have to pay.

  1. Pay the surcharge.

You can follow the instruction on NJ Surcharge website and save or print the receipt of the payment.

  • Pay via telephone.

You have to call 844 424 6829.

  • Pay via mail.

Send the money order payable or check to NJSVS at PO Box 1502, Moorestown, New Jersey 08057 9704.

  • Pay through the Western Union.

You can pay it not only in New Jersey location but also nationwide.

How to Verify the Traffic Ticket at NJMCdirect Official Site?

  • Prepare all necessary documents.
  • Visit NJMCdirect official site.
  • Press Continue to view the ticket information.
  • Enter the required ticket details.
  • Follow the prompts to validate and pay the traffic ticket.


  1. Check your internet connection before visiting the NJMCdirect
  2. Enter the valid and correct ticket details
  3. Pay during the schedule
  4. Prepare the tool for payment like MasterCard or Visa.

NJMC Direct is a helpful portal not only for the residents but also for the court. You can manage and pay the traffic violation ticket quickly. Happy paying the bill have a nice day!