SBCglobal Login – SBCGlobal IMAP Setting at AT&T Portal

Did you just create an email account on SBC Global portal? Or you have been a new account user of At&T Portal? It means you will need to log in to your account on SBCglobal login portal when you feel you need to send messages to other email users. And of course, you will be able to receive messages from other people as well through this SBC Global portal. You can do this activity for several reasons, such as for personal, business, and some more others.

As we all know that email account is one of many means we can use to enhance our communication. It has been an important part of our daily lives today. Hence, you should sign in to your SBC Global email account in case you need to communicate with others by email.

Now, you should know how to sign in to your SBC Global email account as you will really need it as a new email user. You can learn about it in this article. Besides, there are more things you may want to find, such as steps o reset your SBC Global password and username, the customer service of SBC Global, and many more helpful things for you. So, happy reading!

sbcglobal email login
sbcglobal email login page

About SBC Communications

Sbc Communications company is a provider of phone services and internet service in the United States. SBC itself stands for Southwestern Bell Corporation. This company began the business in 1980 as Southwestern Bell Corporation.

In 1995, it turned its name into SBC Communications. Then, it merged with AT&T company in 2005. Thus, people also recognize it as Sbcglobal At&T company. Most of the users of SBC Communications reside in Texas and the Midwest states.

What is SBCglobal login Portal?

Sbcglobal.Net Login Portal is an online platform for email users with domain this domain belongs to SBC Communications, a provider of email domain in the United States. If you are eager to use this domain, you should create an email account first. You can do the account registration process directly on this portal by providing your Wireless Number and ZIP code.

Then, you will get an email address with this domain after your email username. For example, you want to use Kitty Kat as your user name. It means your email address will be [email protected] Then, you can access your SBC Global email account by visiting the portal and do some login steps.

Even though SBC Communications has merged with AT&T Company, this domain name is still accessible. You do not have to stop using this email account as it still works really well for its users to communicate via email. In addition, this SBC Global portal is linked to Yahoo portal as both companies have merged as well.

So, you do not need to feel surprised if SBC Global portal will take you to Yahoo website every time you use SBC Global search engine. Besides, you take some steps for Sbcglobal Email Setting. So, if you need to set your email account, you can use your SBC Global username and password for Sbcglobal.Net Email Setting.  Further, this portal also is completed with IMAP access that will let you do Sbcglobal Imap Setting steps.

Features on SBCglobal website

If you wonder about the features on the Sbc At&T portal, the following information will make it clear for you.

  1. Email

The main feature provided on the SBC Global portal is email. With this email, you will be able to communicate with email users all over the world. To facilitate SBC Global email users, this portal provides a Sign In button that will allow them to access their account. this way, sending and receiving messages by email will be easy for them.

  1. News

SBC Global portal has a feature that will help its users to view News Feed. This feature will bring a lot of fresh updates to the users of SBC Global portal. Besides, you may find any important news from other places.

  1. Lifestyle

On SBC Global portal, you can find some interesting information about lifestyle. The things that include in this portal are about health, foods, life choices, relationships, and much more information that will give you broaden knowledge about what you are supposed to do to have a great life.

  1. Entertainment

You will not miss any information about celebrities if you visit SBC Global portal regularly. It is because this portal has a feature that will give you the latest information about entertainment topic. It will include movies, music, TV programs, infotainment, and many more.

  1. Financial Information

There is a lot of information about financial topics on SBC Global portal. You may find some tips in managing your financial needs here. Besides, you will b able to check the most recent market and share information on this SBC Global portal.

  1. Sports

If you need information about sports, this portal will be useful as well. You can read some updates about anything happened in the world of sports. Moreover, you may check any schedules of sports matches provided by SBC Global portal

  1. Weather

You can take advantage of Weather feature on SBC Global portal when you need to find the current weather information in your area. Besides, if you select radar and maps on the portal, this Weather feature will be ready to give you information about the weather forecast for three days to come.

  1. Horoscopes

Are you a fan of astrology? Then, SBC Global portal can be a good place to find information about this thing. You may read many recent horoscope updates that you may be looking for right now. This way, you may know the prediction of your fortunes from this SBC Global portal.

SBCGlobal login steps
SBCGlobal login steps

Steps to Sign In to SBC Global Account

Whenever you want to sign in to your SBC Global account, you must know that there are some things you need to prepare. With good preparation, you will not find any difficulties in the login process later. Well, the first thing that you should have here is a device. It can be a computer, a laptop, or mobile device. Do not forget to install a browser in the device as the browser will be the only means to display the portal.

Then, you need to connect your device to the internet because the SBC Global portal is an online platform. Without the internet, your login process will fail. After that, account credentials are necessary, everyone! You can get your own account credentials after you have done the registration process on the SBC Global portal. As the registration steps are simple, you will be able to do this activity by yourself.

When you have prepared all the things mentioned above, you can sign in on SBCglobal login Portal. As long as the things that you’ve prepared are in good conditions, you can finish the login process in less than 2 minutes. If you are ready now, you can follow the instructions below to sign in.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to SBC Global portal. You can find this portal at In case you do not know, this portal is used to be accessible at However, this website address is quite difficult to reach currently. So, the fastest way to be on SBC Global portal is by using when you have been able to view news updates happening worldwide.

  1. Press Sign In

Second, you can press Sign In button. It is on the top part of the page next to the search field of SBC Global portal. this button will take you the login page of SBC Global account if you click it. Now, you can just focus on the login section provided on the right part of the website.

  1. Fill In User ID

Third, you need to fill in your SBC Global User ID in the provided field. you can type the User ID in the top blank field in the login section. Be sure you use the correct user name and domain in this field.

  1. Enter Password

Fourth, you should enter the password of your SBC Global account. With this password, your account will get unlocked easily. However, you should keep this password by yourself to avoid any malicious attempts on your SBC Global account.

  1. Tick Keep Me Signed In

Fifth, you may tick a small box stated Keep Me Signed In. if you do, it means you agree to always sign in to your SBC Global account once you reach However, you should be careful when you decide to do it. It will be better if you do this step n your personal device.

Otherwise, other people may use your account as you never sign out of your SBC Global account. but, it does not matter if you refuse to tick this box as this step is optional. So, you can leave it and go to the next step.

  1. Click Sign In

Finally, you will be able to sign in to your account by clicking Sign In button. If the account credentials that you have entered in each field are correct, the button will load a page to show your SBC Global account. Congrats! Your login process is successful now. You can repeat the login steps when you have signed out and need to get back to your SBC Global account.

How to Recover SBC Global User ID

Do you find issues with your SBC Global User ID? Then, you can follow the procedure below to recover it.

  1. Visit

Firstly, you should visit the SBC Global portal at This is where you always sign in to your account.

  1. Click Sign In

Secondly, you may click Sign In button that you will find the top part of the SBC Global website homepage.

  1. Forgot User ID?

Thirdly, you can press the link of “Forgot User ID?” provided under SBC Global User ID field. This link will take you to the page for SBC Global reset User ID.

  1. Provide Contact Email

Fourthly, you have to provide your contact email. If you cannot remember your Contact Email, you may fill in your AT & T phone number. Then, you may fill in a ZIP code as well.

  1. Check Email

Lastly, you need to check your Contact Email. You will find your User ID sent to your account.

Procedure to Reset Password on Sbc Global Login Portal

In case you are eager to protect your SBC account or create a new one password because you forgot it, you can do some steps of Sbcglobal Password Reset process below.

  1. Go to SBC Global Portal

Firstly, you need to go to SBC Global Portal. It is available on You should be on the page where you can sign in to your account if you want to recover your password.

  1. Click Sign In

Secondly, you should click Sign In button to reach the login page of SBC Global account.

  1. Forgot Password?

Thirdly, you can click a link of “Forgot Password?” under SBC Global password field. it will take you to the password recovery page.

  1. Enter User ID

Fourthly, you must enter your SBC Global User ID. If you do not know which ID that you should enter here, you can click a link of “What ID should I use?” Then, there will be several IDs that you can select before you can do the next step.

  1. Type in the Last Name

Fifthly, you may type in your last name in the provided field. Make sure you type it right.

  1. Click Continue

Lastly, you can click the Continue button to do the further steps to recover your SBC Global password.

Ways to Contact SBC Customer Service

Do you need to contact SBC Customer Service? Just try the following was to reach the representatives.

  1. Website

There are 2 possible ways to contact SBC Customer Service via the website. For instance:

  • AT & T Support

You may take advantage of Sbcglobal Email Support at

  • AT & T Customer Service

It is also possible to contact SBC Customer Service via AT & T official website at

  1. Phone

To get fast responses, you may need to contact Sbcglobal Customer Service Number at +1 855 552 6129. This hotline is available 24 hours.

  1. Social Media

If you prefer to use your social media account to contact SBC Communications, you can visit AT & T social media pages using the following links.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram :
  • Tech Buzz:
  • Linkedin:
  • AT&T Forum: